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The Getting of Wisdom




Mother says                              Daughter  says

Your knowledge hides            The way to

under the wings of                   my heart

our bird of paradise                  is listening

So you must search                 for childhood echoes

the wisdom tree                       singing in bark

So you find your flight              just listen

to experience                            and see my dreams


[Experimenting in form, read in different directions, across and down, this poem about a mother and a daughter learning to understand each other]

Image and Words by June Perkins
Image and Words by June Perkins

Love Gumboots


Ending wars of possibilities
Seeking eyes and hiding people
Dreaming folds cane field
Where path marking hearts
Love Gumboots.

Gumboots love hearts marking path
Where cane field folds
People hiding and eyes seeking
Possibilities of wars ending.


 [Experimenting in Form, Palindrome Poem]

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