If you have an idea you would like me to work on, please email details: such as short summary of the idea,time frames and why and how you would like me to be part of this project or the parameters of the commission,


Don't forget to include your well considered budget for me and any other creatives.  For initial guidance look at rates for consultancy,writers in community and project producers.


Regretfully, I cannot offer a free advisory service on other people's projects, However, I will let you know when I am running workshops through other organisations (eg: such as galleries, public libraries or council) that allow you to access my services for free and can send a quote for consultancy fees. based on the hours you might need assistance for.


Thanks so much for your prior understanding and looking forward to hearing from inspiring groups, organisations and individuals, who feel we might be the right fit.

In the future I may set up online sessions on those things I am most concerned about advancing, so do keep a watch out on my social media.

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June Perkins

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