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Inspired by Art

These poems were created in response to an art work by Helene Magisson, originally created for the book Magic Fish Dreaming. It is featured next to the poem 'Wishing for a Fish.'

Fishing Line

We are the conduit linking the reality between the fisherman in the light and the fish in the dark riverbed.
We are incredibly important and yet nearly invisible.
We are seemingly insignificant, but we connect the visible and invisible worlds.
We use bait to tempt the fish to move out of the comfortable into the unknown.
We are independent of the river's flow, transcending the laws of nature.

We are a messenger for the light, using the worm to engage the fish to overcome its fear. 


By Susan Handley and Jeff Leach


The Sun

I am the sun. 
I am the only one.

I traverse the lands, and the expansive seas. 
I embrace them all, as they reach out to me.

I am the sun.
I am the only one.

I diffuse into the depths

and dispel the shadows,

I create the stage where

lovers meet.

I am the sun.

I am the only one.


By Leila, Azita, Nancy, Luke and Borhan

River of Life

I am the river of life
in struggle and strife

Ever growing, ever flowing
nourishing, sharing and glowing

Always reaching and extending
Service rendering and transcending

light filters, through my high and low
an amazing world full of magic, down below

I can experience my reality and nurture

my individuality

Passing by the fish, seaweeds and stones
Only strengthens my solid bones.


Flowing, splashing, sparkling
gurgling at each bending

life 's sorrows and joys carried in

a light so unending.

By Abbas, Fereshteh, Sylvana, Abbood, and two more



Reflections on an Ocean 


I am warmed by the sun above

I am a body which nourishes numerous life forms
Both on land and in the sea:
On a multiplicity of levels;
Influencing both mood and flow and tides of emotions

I am tickled by seaweed

I am holding my breath
Waiting for the 
Bubbles to 



By Janet Khan &  Sharon Hulin

These poems were written at the Ink of Light Festival 2018

For many this was the first poem they had written since school or the first time creating a group poem .

They worked in small groups or pairs and shared a reading of their poem.

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