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Green Leaves Organic and Feminine Restau


Paperbacks  $23.95 AUD

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This collection captures the wonder of the act of creation, the burst of excitement associated with the birth of the new, and the challenges and sacrifice involved in bringing inspiration to fruition.


Reflecting on the impact of the challenge of the new, in both the material and spiritual worlds, several of the poems refer to the advent of the Báb, the 19th century Prophetic figure, whose contemporary message inspired and challenged a sacrificial response on the part of those who embraced His Cause.

Hardcover preorders (dustcover jacket) 

Illuminations 19 Poems and 1 Story

Author: June Perkins

Illustrators:  Ruha and Minaira Fifita

Target Age: 13 to 100 years plus

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9780980731194 (paperback)

152 x 229 mm; 131 g paperback

Publication Date: 20/6/2020

80 pages

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