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26th of March 2022


Women – what is our true narrative?


What is the importance of giving ‘diverse’ women voices?


How can we be empowered to tell ‘our truths’ of the way we see the world, without being trapped in stereotypes.


What is a woman’s voice? How is it different from a man’s?

These were just some of the questions approached by authors Candice-Lemon-ScottKathryn Gossow, June Perkins and Tash Turgoose with convenor and visionary Vacen Taylor who is gently determined to challenge the status quo where it is needed and to empower and uplift potential writers.

The panel shared that a women’s voice is not singular, that’s for sure.


It need not be limited by class, race, colour, cultures, faith, age, genre or gendered constructions.

She is many things.


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