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‘Two Livestream Funerals, A cancelled Wedding and the Saving Grace of Poetry, The Way We Live Now: Southerly; 79: 3 (2022)



Perkins, June  Illuminations, 19 Poems and 1 Story, illustrated by Ruha and Minaira Fifita,  (Gumbootspearlz Press, June 2020) (Edited by Matilda Elliot & Belinda Belton)

​Perkins, June (author), Illustrator Magisson, Helene, Magic Fish Dreaming, (Gumbootspearlz Press, 2016) (Edited by Matilda Elliot)

Arnold, Nell and Perkins, June (illustration and poetry extracts), Discovering (Ebook) 2010 


Edited Works

Writing Queensland,  Diaspora, QWC, Special edition,  2021

Perkins, June and the Community of the Cassowary Coast, After Yasi, Finding the Smile Within (Gumbootspearlz, Blurb, 2013)  

Perkins, June (co-editors, Pam Galeano & Tara Webster) Under One Sky, (Licuala Writers, Cassowary Coast, 2010)



Short Stories  YA

Perkins, J (2021), 'Into the Song Wood', South of the Sun, Australian Fairy Tales of the 21st Century, Serenity Press and the Australian Fairy Tale Society

Short Stories, Middle Grade

Perkins, J (2019) 'The Park,' Kookie Issue 8

Perkins, J (2019) 'Storm Girl'  in, Spooktacular Stories: Thrilling Tales for Brave Kids, Share Your Story, Brisbane 

Perkins, J, (2019)'Nelani's Christmas Hints', 'Kessia, You and the Elsewhere,' Creative Kids Story Collection 2,  Compiled by Georgie Donaghey

Perkins, J, (2018) ​'Starry, Starry Lemon Blanket 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Share Your Story, Brisbane.

Non Fiction


‘Two Livestream Funerals, A cancelled Wedding and the Saving Grace of Poetry, The Way We Live Now: Southerly; 79: 3 (2022)


Short Tribute to Fred Murray Produced with BushTV and  Baha'i Blog 

(December 2020)

McLaughlin, J.M. , & Perkins, J, (2020). Race and Ethnicity in Childhood (Australia). In Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

A Tribute to Fred Murray (April 2020)

Perkins, J . (September, 2019)  'Poetry Advocacy Beyond the Comfort Zone', Writing Queensland

Publishing Reimagined, Discoveries of a Multiplatform Storyteller, Enthralled Magazine, Vol 1, issue 8

(accessed September 2018)

Online Readings/ Publications

Perkins, J, 'Festival of Festivals' Episode 6, 'Attraction to Beauty' Ridvan is Everywhere April 26, 2020


Perkins, J 'Tears in the River'  Episode 7,  'The Flood' Ridvan is Everywhere April 27th 2020

Perkins, J (April 2020) 'Hope',

Perkins, J, 'Boonah Morning'  (2020) In Your Hands, Red Room Poetry and Oranges & Sardines Foundation

Perkins, J (2019 ) 'Cupid has Struck'

Poems (Recent)

Forthcoming Poems in Baha'i Studies Journal, Canada


More poems in Tokens 2022


Perkins, J (2021).'Mt Lamington' Tokens, Occasional Magazine, issue 13 Baha'is of Philadelphia

Perkins, J (2020).'How can we look beyond' Tokens, Occasional Magazine, issue 12 Baha'is of Philadelphia 

Perkins, J (2020).' Tears in the River' Tokens, Occasional Magazine, issue 11, Baha'is of Philadelphia 


Perkins, J (2019) 'First Light,' and 'Sacred Trail' in Tokens, Occasional Magazine, issue 9 Baha'is of Philadelphia (July, 2019)

Perkins, J (2019) 'My Scariest Things,' in, Spooktacular Stories: Thrilling Tales for Brave Kids, Share Your Story, Brisbane 

​Perkins, J (2019) 'Keeper of the Flame,' Stories of Forest and Fantasy, Rainforest Retreat Anthology, Auchenflower 

Perkins, J, (2019) 'Dust' 'The Universe within Our Hearts' Tokens, Occasional Magazine, issue 8,  Baha'is of Philadelphia

Perkins, J (2018) 'Dawn Breakers',  'Elixir' and 'The Dreamer' Tokens,  Occassional Magazine, issue 7, LSA of Philadelphia

​Perkins, J (2018) 'Haystack'


Perkins, J (2018) ] 'Obligation of the Octopus'


Perkins, J (2018) 'Mermaid and Monster Trucks'


Perkins, J (2018) 'Mungalli' ​


Perkins, J (2018) 'Paper Boats'


Perkins, J (2018) 'Beckoning Autumn'


Perkins, J (2018) 'Haiku (Storm's Touch), Australian children's Poetry Blog, (17th April 2018)

Perkins, J (2018) Haiku Australian Children's Poetry Blog, (Rhythms of The River (11th April 2018)

Perkins, J (2018), 'Grass Skirt,' Australian Children's Poetry Blog (27 March, 2018)


60 + photographs, Nineteen Months (Current)

Photograph included, Baha'i Calendar, United States of America, 2018

Photograph included, Baha'i Calendar, United States of America, 2020


Reviews and Interviews

June Perkins Illuminations Interview on Baha'i Blog

Shaking Off the Dust

KBR Interview with Ruha and Minaira Fifita

June, Ruha and Minaira chat - Sound Cloud

SCBWI Illuminations New Work

Queensland Poetry Festival Panacea Poets Reading

Extract in anthology In Your Hands

Celebrating New Books in Troublesome Times Sophie Masson's blog

Renee Hills, Review of June Perkins's Tour of Words and Picture,  Write Links Blog,  7/11/2018

JulieAnn Wallace, Magic Fish Dreaming - A Book Review (May 23rd 2018)

Five Fantastic Facts with Author June Perkins, Young Authors Academy (November 13, 2017)

'Join us Live with Dr June Perkins with the children of Botongon,' Interview with Mel Irvine for World Literacy Day (Sept 3rd 2017)

Buzz Words Review, Elizabeth Vercoe (July 9th 2016)

Interview by Book with Romi Sharp, Just Write for Kids (June 16th 2017)

Book Trailer Featured on Kids Lit TV (May 26th 2017)

Review of Magic Fish Dreaming,  Reviewed by Matilda Junior Reader, Alphabet Soup Blog (May 17th 2017)

Australian Children's Poetry Review by Teena Raffa-Mulligan (April 26th 2017)


Interview with Mira Reisberg, Children's Book Academy,  on publishing Magic Fish Dreaming (April 2017)

Twelve Curly Question with June, Interview on Kids Book Review with Penny Harrison (March 14th 2016)

​​Just Write for Kids Review by Romi Sharp (Feb 13th 2017)


CBCA - Reading Time Review - Magic Fish Dreaming (January 11th 2017) 

Georgina Ballantine Review (Dec 2016)

Readilearn interview with Norah Colvin (Nov 18th 2016)

Pasifika Review (Nov 2016)

Chat with June Perkins - Pasifika (Nov 2016)

Poetry for Children interview with Ali Stegert

Love the People you Meet -Art Books for Children


Write Links Member Taking Her Poetry on a Wave Write Links

Magic Fish Dreaming: Kickstarting a Dream


'Pair Working Magic To Create Book ,'Article with Quest Paper p. 4 City North News March 10th 2016


'Secret Spot' and Story Australian Poetry Times, pp. 47-8 Issue 405, Vol 4 No 5.


Mornings with Steve Austin 10.15 March 9th 2016, Interview for My Story (biography) [no longer online]

'Poet turns to Crowd Funding For Book' ABC Far North Radio Interview

June Perkins Talking to the Tune of Magic: Just Write for Kids


Kids Poetry Book Interview with Karen Tyrell

Buzz Words, Feb 15th, March 1st, March 15th (Including Hunting for a Poem)


Dr June Perkins Overcoming Racism with Love and Education

General Interviews (Accessed March 23rd 2017)

Conference and Festivals

Forthcoming Australian Fairy Tale Society Conference (October 2022)


True Narratives, Oz Comic Con, (March, 2022)


Volta, (2021) Brisbane Square Library (Performance)

Panel Presenter, How to Strengthen your Creative Resilience, Oz Comic Con, Brisbane, (October, 2019)


Poetry Workshops, Alea, Meanjin Writing Festival, (July 4th 2019)


Youth Endeavour, Mentoring Video and Livestream - Topic Poetry and Spirituality, (July 2019) 


Powers of Poetry, Ink of Light, Baha'i Writers Festival (May 19, 2019)


Storytelling and Reading Magic Fish Dreaming, Asia Pacific Triennial, Brisbane, QAGOMA, Summer Festival (18-20th Jan 2019)


Art Tour, Grandparents Day, QAGOMA, (October 2018)


Thinking Outside the Networking Box, Ink of Light, Baha'i Writers Festival, (May 2018)

Panel and Reading, Queensland Poetry Festival (August 2017)


Panel Presenter, Sandcliffe Writers Festival, Brackenridge Library (2017)


Opening speaker and presenting Poet, Boonah World Environment Day Festival (2017)

Poet for Children, Big Draw, State Library (2016)

​Panel, Digital Storytelling and Social Media, Tropical Writers Festival, (2012)

Performing prefestival publicity event and online tropical writing Game,Tropical Writers Festival (2010)

Soul Lines, Multimedia Presentation of poetry on life story of Tahirih and Martha, Viva La Gong, (2005)

Performing Poet, Pacific Wave Festival, Sydney (2003)

Performing Poet, Tasmanian Poetry Festival, (1995)

Regular Contributor

Monthly Photographs

Non-Fiction – Anthology inclusions


Perkins, J (2013) ‘A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of Optimism,’ Voices of the North,  Writers in Townsville . Kirwan, Townsville, (pp1-4)

Perkins, J (2013) ‘Songs of Queensland’ Voices of the North, Writers in Townsville, Kirwan, Townsville (pp7-8)

Perkins, J (2013)‘The Farmer’s Wife’ Voices of the North, Writers in Townsville, Kirwan, Townsville, (pp. 11-12)

Several photographs Voices of the North, Writers in Townsville, Kirwan, Townsville, (pp11-12)




Perkins, J 'I Want To Fly But My Wings,' Writing the Pacific (Ed Jen Webb and Kavita Nandan), (Pacific Writing Forum,( 2007)

Perkins, J (2003) ‘Meeting an Anthropologist’ Pools, Pelicans, and Memories, South Coast Writer’s Anthology (Wollongong)
Perkins, J (2001) ‘Memory Tree’ in Talking Ink from Ochre (Ginninderra Press, Canberra) [interview]

Gerard J  (1990) ‘Immigrant Mother,’ Preludes, Tasmanian Literary Annual, (University of Tasmania, Hobart) - nee Gerard


Interviews  on After Yasi


Bradley, Jedda, January 30th, 2015

Irvine,  Melinda, Feb 3rd 2015

Powell,  Dimity, January 28th 2015

Stegert,  Ali, February 1st 2015

Tyrrell, Karen , January 27th 2015



Online Poetry publications


Perkins, J (2019) 'Cupid has Struck',

Perkins, J (2018) 'Mermaid and Monster Trucks'

Perkins, J (2018) 'Mungalli' ​

Perkins, J (2018) Paper Boats'

Perkins, J (2018) 'Beckoning Autumn'

Perkins, J (2018)'Grass Skirts'

Perkins, J (2017) 'Three Trips Down the River, 'Australian Children's Poetry Blog (June 13th 2017)

Perkins, J (2017) 'Swaddle Me In Sunshine' Australian Children's Poetry Blog(May 16th 2017)

Perkins, J (2017) 'Art Class' Australian Children's Poetry Blog (March 3rd) 

Perkins, J (2017) 'Outback Afternoon' Australian Children's Poetry Blog (Feb 21st)

Perkins, J (2017) 'The Caterpillar's Song,' Australian Children's Poetry Blog (Feb 11th)

Perkins, J (2017)  'First Day' Australian Children's Poetry Blog (January 27th)

‘Ballad of the Boots,’


Haiku for Japan (Om Times 2011)

Perkins, J.  ‘Leaf for the Past,’ ‘Ocean,’ ‘It begins with,’ ‘Moon and Fire,’ ‘Cicada Hands,’ ‘Virtue Hands,’ ‘Let it Be’ ‘Sister Basket’, ‘Bird Song, Human Song,’

Poems (online and other places)

Literary Poetry (Publications)

Perkins, J (2011) ‘Reading TrinhT. Minh Ha’ and ‘Womb Weaver,’ Etchings, Ilura Press, Elsternwick,  pp. 148-152 

Perkins, J (2007)‘Tracks’ & photo collages Aboriginal History Journal, Vol 30 p. 67

Perkins, J (2007 )‘Cargo’ Writing the Pacific (Ed Jen Webb and Kavita Nandan), (Pacific Writing Forum, 2007) 

Perkins, J (2007) ‘Walking Childhood,’ Etchings 2, Ilura Press, Elsternwick,  p. 174 

Perkins, J (2006) ‘Cargo,’ Vol. 38, World Order, no.2, p. 29 [poetry]

Perkins, (2006)‘Song for Martha,’ World Order, Vol. 38, no.1, p. 42 [poetry]

Perkins, J (1996)‘Truganini, From ‘Voices from Van Dieman’s Land,’ Ulitarra, no. 10, 1996, p.104 

Perkins, J (1993)’ The Drum’, New England Review, Armidale. 

Perkins, June (1993) After the Dance : The Modern Nomad , New England Review, no. 2 1993; p. 34 


Book Chapters-Non-Fiction


Perkins, J.  (2011) ‘Cyclone Yasi, Our Story’ True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi, Ed Bernadette Lawson., Townsville, pp.40-5 

Perkins, J (2010) ‘Ute Angels,’  ‘Pam, Joe and the Mighty Yasi,’ Cyclone Yasi, Our Stories, Ed Cardwell Historical Society, Cardwell.


Poems (Anthology Inclusions) up  to 2012

Perkins, J (2011) ‘Down Town Tully’ True Spirit of Cyclone Yasi, Ed Bernadette Lawson,Townsville, pp.40-5

Haiku accepted in Haiku for Japan, Waves of glistening tears, Scaling walls -with grieving heart, Hope for sunbird’s wings ~June Perkins, Tully, Australia Om Times, 2011

Perkins, J (2010) ‘Singing in the Cane,’ ‘Beyond the Frames,’ ‘Hand of Many Colours,’ ‘Feluga Evening,’ ‘Firelight, Global Streams’ Under One Sky (Licuala Writers, Cassowary Coast,  reviewed) [poetry]

Perkins, J (2010) ‘The Grumpy Fisherman,’ Cracks in the Canopy (Tropical Writers, Cairns) [poetry]

Perkins, J (2001) ‘Children of the Activists,’  ‘Black Duck Woman’, ‘Literacy Story Class Project’, Talking Ink from Ochre (Ginninderra Press, Canberra) [poetry]

Perkins, J (2003)‘Black Ducks Fly to the City,’ Pools, Pelicans, and Memories, South Coast Writer’s Anthology (Wollongong, 2003) 

‘Ballad of the Boots,’ December  31st 2012

Perkins, J (1995) ‘Ode to Unity in Diversity’Cultural Diversity Issue, Queensland Community Arts Network,  pp. 2-3

Perkins, J (1995) ‘Even when I have the Blues,’ ‘In Love,’ Forum, Vol 4: 1 NSA Baha’is of New Zealand

Perkins, J (1993)‘Dizzy’, BAFA Newsletter


McLaughlin, J.M. , & Perkins, J., (2020). Race and Ethnicity in Childhood (Australia). In Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies. London: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Perkins, J . (September, 2019)  'Poetry Advocacy Beyond the Comfort Zone', Writing Queensland

Perkins, J 'Publishing Reimagined, Discoveries of a Multiplatform Storyteller,' Enthralled Magazine, Vol 1, issue 8

(accessed September 2018)

Perkins, J ( July 2019) 'Mentoring, ' Buzz Words Magazine (p.24)

Perkins, J (Accessed 23rd July2017)

Perkins, J (2016) How to Crowd Fund a Poetry Book,QWC online magazine. (no longer accessible unless member)

Perkins J (2012)‘Blogging the Storm,’ Writing from the Edge, Writing Queensland pp.6-7

Perkins, J (2012) ‘Singing for a New Dreaming; Evolution of Shane Howard’s Solid Rock’, BushTV blog, can be accessed [interview/music] - no longer accessible.

Perkins, J (2010)‘I am Blogger, Hear me Roar’

Perkins, J (1995)‘Unity through Cultural Diversity, Reflections on my Cultural Identity.’ Cultural Diversity Issue, Queensland Community Arts Network, pp. 2-3 [lifestory/auto/biography]


Aftermath - major contributor to this project documenting natural disasters through community journalism which was awarded a major media award (2012), Many photographs contributed.

Photographs and collages published in ABC Open, Koori Mail, Tully Times, Australian Baha’i Bulletin,Tokens, Etchings, Bahai Calendar (United States)


Adventures in the Australia Collection 'Words and Pictures' (12 poems and micro stories)  QAGOMA, September - November (2018)

'Illumine' Festival , Magda Community Artz, co-curated with Ruha Fifita,Temily Eddington,(2017)

​Curating and photographic contributions to ‘Without Words,’ co-exhibition with Sophie Sam and Lima Robinson, Malanbarra Midja Indigenous Women’s Health and Housing (2013)

Selection of portrait photograph for exhibition for ABC Open (only 100 selected from thousands), Tweed Heads. (2013)

Photo in touring Aftermath exhibition curated by ABC Open (2012)

Ripple, poetry and photography walls and leaf and foot poetry installations, CRACA, Tully Tourism and Dorothy Jones Library, (2007)

Earlier Video Work

June Perkins & Danielle Wilson, Dancing with the Self, and other videos for Danielle's Website December 2013

Dance for Recovery; Behind the Scenes (2012), shared ABC Open, Place Stories Screened at Mission Beach Film Festival, Sept 2012.

Song Trails photo montage (2012), shared ABC Open

The Anchor (2012), shared Place Stories

Garden Therapy: Dina’s Story (2012), shared Place Stories  &

Our Story, your Story, Presenting for Aftermath, photomontage, shared ABC Open (2012)

Sound and interviews on Murray Upper Dream Box, ABC Open, Mick Bromage, 2012


Quoted by


Online Writing


Perkins, J (Accessed 23rd July2017)

'Fred Murray Article,' Baha'i Chronicles

Perkins, J (2016) How to Crowd Fund a Poetry Book, QWC online magazine. 

945 contributions to ABC Open – photographs, 500 Words online writing project and Aftermath. No longer on line, but some of it archived on my blog. 


You can find my written and video works here  ABC OPEN works saved at June's Blogs (ABC Open online Links as of July 2019 closed. It was sad to the site closed down by ABC. Some links may be broken.)

Academic Publications


Dr June Perkins and Dr Julie McLauglin, article on Race and Ethnicity in Early Childhood (2020) Bloomsbury Education

Perkins, J (2007) 'Tracks' &; collages Aboriginal History Journal, Vol. 30 [poetry]

Perkins, J (2002) ‘7 Valleys of Nurturing: Exploring the performing arts philosophy of Wesley Enoch, A profile. Sun Sisters, Lightening Brothers, Australasian Drama Studies, pp. 18-26

Perkins, J (1999) ‘Surfing the News Waves; A Baha’i Newsreel for the Pacific and Asia,’ Australian Baha’i Studies, Vol 1:1, Ingleside


Perkins, J (1996) 'The Search for Unity in Diversity: two Aoteraroa/New Zealand Plays,' New Literature’s Review, No.31,  University of Wollongong, Wollongong, pp. 33-52

Perkins, J,(1996) 'Community Arts and the Tertiary Classroom,' Tertiary Teaching, Models of Innovative Practice, Ed Sue McGinty and Lee Fitzpatrick, James Cook University, Townsville, pp.85-106


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