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Group Poems

Recently June has begun developing interesting ways to incorporate group poetry writing into a festival environment. 

"We don't need to treat writing as a solitary activity.  It can be a vibrant way to build community, connect our ideas, and create something we can all enjoy.  Group ownership of a piece is a different way to experience the joy of creating, writing and publishing." (June Perkins)


From Love

Saturday caterpillars are
climbing trees.

Saturday’s children sing
‘Caterpillar aeroplane.’

Six caterpillars begin
to grow.

In the yellow night
time is climbing &
purple bubbles of song
swing sticks about.

Saturday people

swim cobwebs of
blue people &
blue frogs.


Saturday’s stones know that
old love
forms in the leaves
falling from the trees.


Old women over June
are running free
red over black stones
time is climbing.


Old women over August sing,
‘be that dirt and mud
that grows these green forest trees.’


Butterflies flutter free
through the dragon grass


From Love,
old stones that are scattered
form the foundation
of all that is to come.


By Jennifer Hume,  Kylie Castle, Jessica Brain, Jackie Towell, Margaret Van Blommestein

Dominique, Christina and Ashleigh, David, Norah and 4 anons
& June Perkins 


Drafted 15/7/2017  Edited by June Perkins 16/7/2017



June has a passion for poetry and multi-arts ways of conveying poetry, such as film, illustration, meme, dialogue, and accompanied by music. Poetry can be built from found objects, reflection on immediate and remembered environment, strong memories and emotions, imagination, and research.

Experimentation with, and understanding of some interesting and diverse forms  and formats, gives poets of all ages and backgrounds more tools to work with.  Yet form is always a partner to interesting, heart felt, original and imaginative content.

Workshops can be done in series to develop pieces, or as one offs to introduce the daily life of a poet, explore craft, and to perhaps find the writer's perfect poetry style match.

"For every writer, reader, artist and listener, there is a poetry style that will match their personality and interests." (June Perkins)



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