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International Literacy Day

(A guest post from Mel Irvine)

International Literacy Day is held on 8 September every year and this year for the first time, I'm making an effort to recognise it's importance. Living most of my year here in the Philippines in a rural fishing community deeply affected by poverty and seasonal typhoons, I am surrounded by children whose future is critically linked to their ability to go to school. Together with the ladies of Botongon, the children will be performing live in their native language (as well as English) and introducing themselves to you. You'll get to meet Jerry too, if you have been following our story. As a special treat my friend and children’s author Dr June Perkins will be joining us via skype to engage with the children about the subjects closest to her heart: family, the natural world and the importance of going to school. She'll be reading from her wonderful book of poetry Magic Fish Dreaming (illustrated by Helene Magisson), so it will be a wonderful experience for both children and adults. And you can join us too, LIVE via YouTube or Facebook. It's also an opportunity for me to give a shout out to all the people who have donated money to help the people here. If you join in you'll not only see your name but most likely the kids you have helped too! As global citizens and human beings with a heart, I hope you will join us in recognising International Day of Literacy and the contribution educating kids makes to ENDING POVERTY EVERYWHERE. #LiteracyDay #EndPoverty #MagicFishDreaming

You can join us Friday 8th Sept, 6.30 pm AEST (Brisbane Time)

Join the Video Link

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