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Magic Fish Dreaming kickstarter close

I have been busy completing and editing a video, and organising rewards for my kickstarter campaign, which will launch as soon as it's ready. This photograph is featured in one of the videos.

Below are some examples of possible rewards for supporters, some wonderful handcrafted magnets of creatures in the poetry book from Sally Moroney, an artist from the Cassowary Coast where much of the poetry is from.

Another reward will be derived from the years of arts projects I have done in community. This photograph gives just a hint of what that might be, but you will have to wait until the kickstarter begins to see what it might entails. I loved working as a writer in community, doing all sorts of things to do with poetry, photography, people and installation.

Well can't wait to announce our kickstarter lift off, but as I am learning from my kickstarter mentors, there's an importance to deliberating and making sure to prepare very well. I have joked to friends I am in my martial arts training of kickstarting, but actually it is not far from the truth, I really am. It is an exercise in finding the zen of my project.

If you are keen to read the back story of the project, head over the project blog Magic Fish Dreaming

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