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Ink of Light Baha'i Writers' Festival

The Ink of Light Baha’i Writers’ Festival was ‘soul stirring’, ‘uplifting’ ‘surprising’, and immensely attractive to readers and people who do not write and creatives from music, and art, as well as being full of participants of all ages. So brilliant to see a contingent of youth from the Gold Coast there.

Thanks from the team to all those participants who traveled from, Moreton Bay Shire, Gold Coast, Toowomba, Macau, Gladstone, Sunshine Coast, Redland Shire, New Zealand and Solomon Islands, as well as from around Brisbane, you made this event truly memorable with your warm response to our presenters.

June says, ‘I was so thrilled, with the outcomes and process of the Powers of Poetry workshop. To have people say they once wrote poetry, and now want to again, or that they never had but now will and to witness group poetry compositions that unfolded in just ten minutes (after a 45 time travel presentation on poetry) was profound. It was an especially brilliant highlight to have Grant Hindin Miller sing his song on Tahirih, a wonderful poet and heroine of the Baha’i Faith.’

‘I will think about how to run more workshops of this nature, and felt a deep sense of joy in seeing people connect to the long history across time and space that humans have with the words spoken from heart and soul, and discovered in processes of reflection and consultation and connection to others. Thanks so much to my Write Links and SCBWI friend Renee Hills for being there.’

A special thank you to the LSA for the use of the BBCL (Brisbane, Baha’i Centre of Learning), sharing the event in the Biweekly several times, and assisting us to sell books just for the festival, as well as, to our many volunteers who contributed so, so, much to the spirit of the event.

You can find out more about Ink of Light and subscribe for updates to next years Festival on our website.

Selected highlights, talks and videos will be forthcoming.

Photographs courtesy of participants and the Ink of Light Facebook space.

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