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Follow the Angel, follow the Feathers, follow the Art

John Perceval's Herald Angel

Follow the Angel, Follow the Feathers, Follow the Art on Art Adventures in the Queensland Art Gallery.

Discover a fresh perspective on the Australian Collection with Words & Pictures, an ongoing project that invites local artists and writers to respond to artworks in the Australian Collection. Take inspiration, and use the pencils and paper provided at the stations to create your own response through drawing or writing.

The Spring Program has been written by Dr June Perkins.

A few hints of what you might come across are in the slide show.

For more visit the Australian Collection Reimagined, Queensland Art Gallery

Runs from September to November 2018.


This season’s Words & Pictures inspiration comes from June Perkins, Brisbane-based poet and children’s author. June has developed an interactive journey through the Australian Collection through poems and micro-stories for visitors of all ages, with particular appeal for children and families: Art Adventures in the Australian Collection.

Look for Words & Pictures labels alongside the following artworks. If you’d like to follow the writer’s journey, visit the works in the following order.

  1. John Perceval Sculpture: The Herald Angel 1958

  2. Yvonne Koolmatrie Hot-air balloon 2006

  3. Landscape wall, Gallery 10

  4. Sydney Long, Spirit of the Plains 1897

  5. Sonja Carmichael Deranji Dabayil (Rocky place, healing waters): Baskets of Culture 2017

  6. Ian Fairweather, Epiphany 1962

  7. Michael Stevenson, The gift (from ‘Argonauts of the Timor Sea’) 2004-2006

  8. Ray Crooke Woman with blossoms 1962-1963

  9. Fred Williams Echuca landscape 1961

  10. William Delafield Cook A haystack 1982

  11. Rosalie Gascoigne Lamp lit 1989

  12. Irene Chou The universe is within our hearts 1992

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June Perkins

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