• June Perkins

Magic Fish Dreaming

Sample of draft mock ups for Magic Fish Dreaming.

"Come hunt for - green tree frogs, geckos, and magic fish. Watch out for crocodiles and cane toads. Come to the land of the ultimate faraway tree. Come hunt for poems from Midgenoo to Mirriwini"

June says:

“I have always loved poetry and began writing it at a very young age.

I have also always loved illustrated books, and even as a grown up these books still captivate me. Why should anyone lose their love of the visual. Actually I think most people never do! How about you?

After moving to North Queensland with my family in 2007 I discovered a place of mystery and inspiration.

Magic Fish Dreaming is a combination of these three things, but there is more to this story and I’ll be back to share more with you as the project progresses.”

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Or the project blog

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June Perkins

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