• June Perkins

Smile Within - the journey of a community book

After Yasi - Finding the Smile Within, began as a photo exhibition sharing stories and images of locals of the Cassowary Coast recovering their joy after cyclone yasi.

It ended as a coffee table photo book for the community, which is now housed in the local library and the homes of several people from the Cassowary Coast as well as the usual national and State library.

The book is now to be listed in the Backyard Books in Queensland Catalogue, and be released as an ebook for anyone else wishing to access it as a healing resource for the journey after a natural disaster.

As well as photographs and text, the ebook features links to digital stories and stories from and photographs from people who know what it's like to experience physical devastation of their environment, and use creativity to find their way forward

The coffee table version is still available at blurb for anyone keen to have a physical copy of the book or purchase it for their library or as a special gift.


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June Perkins

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